• Real Estate Development & Property Management

    Over 40 years of experience in investing and developing exclusive contemporary properties in Greece.

  • We create unique opportunities

    We are insiders in the Athens market and our extensive market knowledge lets us find and create unique developments.

  • Tailor-made services

    At MIBS Group, our homes are built for you. Our direct acquisition and development approach is meticulously tailored for the individual needs of our international clients.

Who we are

MIBS Group is an Athens based developer, investor, and operator of mixed-use real estate. A privately owned family office established in the 1970s, the company has a strong Greek real estate record and is able to build projects in the most exclusive locations, creating wealth and long term value for local and international clientele. The group provides investment management, development, leasing and property services to a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial assets.

A strong international network

MIBS Group boasts true vertical integration by having acquisition and permitting specialist, as well as in-house architects and strong construction management companies. The group's nationwide and international sales and marketing network which covers China, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus and the UK is an important contributor to the firm's overall success and helps deliver properties that meet the customer's needs integrally.

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